Tcode Description
DB02 Tables and Indexes Monitor
DB14 Display DBA Operation Logs
DB16 Display DB Check Results
DB20 Update DB Statistics
LISTCUBE List viewer for InfoCubes
LISTSCHEMA Show InfoCube schema
LBWE LO Data Extraction: Customizing Cockpit
LBWG To Delete Setup Tables
OLI*BW To fill Setup Tables (* Application Component) [ie 7 for SD Sales Orders]
OS06 Local Operating System Activity
OB08 Currency Exchange Rates
RSA1 Administrator Work Bench
RSA2 OLTP Metadata Repository
RSA3 Extractor Checker
RSA5 Install Business Content
RSA6 Maintain DataSources
RSA7 BW Delta Queue Monitor
RSA8 DataSource Repository
RSA9 Transfer Application Components
RSA11 Calling up AWB with the IC tree
RSA12 Calling up AWB with the IS tree
RSA13 Calling up AWB with the LG tree
RSA14 Calling up AWB with the IO tree
RSA15 Calling up AWB with the ODS tree
RSBBS Maintain Query Jumps (RRI Interface)
RSBICA Modeling BI Integrated Planning
RSCUSTA Maintain BW Settings
RSD1 Characteristic maintenance
RSD2 Maintenance of key figures
RSD3 Maintenance of units
RSD4 Maintenance of time characteristics
RSD5 Edit InfoObjects
RSDBC DB connect
RSDCUBE Start: InfoCube editing
RSDCUBED Start: InfoCube editing
RSDCUBEM Start: InfoCube editing
RSDDBIAMON BI Accelerator Monitor
RSDDV Maintaining
RSDIOBC Start: InfoObject catalog editing
RSDIOBCD Start: InfoObject catalog editing
RSDIOBCM Start: InfoObject catalog editing
RSDL DB Connect - Test Program
RSDMD Master Data Maintenance w.Prev. Sel.
RSDMD_TEST Master Data Test
RSDMPRO Initial Screen: MultiProvider Proc.
RSDMPROD Initial Screen: MultiProvider Proc.
RSDMPROM Initial Screen: MultiProvider Proc.
RSDMWB Customer Behavior Modeling
RSDODS Initial Screen: ODS Object Processing
RSDS Data Source Repository
RSIMPCUR Load Exchange Rates from File
RSINPUT Manual Data Entry
RSIS1 Create InfoSource
RSIS2 Change InfoSource
RSIS3 Display InfoSource
RSISET Maintain InfoSets
RSKC Maintaining the Permitted Extra Chars
RSMO Data Load Monitor Start
RSMON BW Administrator Workbench
RSOR BW Metadata Repository
RSORBCT BI Business Content Transfer
RSORMDR BW Metadata Repository
RSPC Process Chain Maintenance
RSPC1 Process Chain Display
RSPCM Monitor daily process chains
RSPLAN Modeling BI Integrated Planning
RSPLSE BI Planning Lock Management
RSRCACHE OLAP: Cache Monitor
RSRT Start of the report monitor
RSRT1 Start of the Report Monitor
RSRT2 Start of the Report Monitor
RSRTRACE Set trace configuration
RSRTRACETEST Trace tool configuration
RSRV Analysis and Repair of BW Objects
RSSM Authorizations for Reporting
RZ20 To see log for Process Chains
SE03 Transport Organizer Tools
SE06 Set Up Transport Organizer
SE07 CTS Status Display
SE09 Transport Organizer
SE10 Transport Organizer
SE11 ABAP Dictionary
SE18 Business Add-Ins: Definitions
SE18_OLD Business Add-Ins: Definitions (Old)
SE19 Business Add-Ins: Implementations
SE19_OLD Business Add-Ins: Implementations
SE21 Package Builder
SE24 Class Builder
SE80 Object Navigator
SE93 to view Transaction Codes
SM04 User List
SM12 Display and Delete Locks
SM21 Online System Log Analysis
SM37 Overview of job selection
SM50 Work Process Overview
SM51 List of SAP Systems
SM58 Asynchronous RFC Error Log
SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
SM66 Global work process Monitor
SMQ1 qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)
SMQ2 qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)
ST22 ABAP Runtime Error (Dumps)
ST14 BW Evaluation Application Analysis
WE02 Display IDoc
WE05 IDoc Lists
WE06 Active IDoc monitoring
WE07 IDoc statistics
WE08 Status File Interface
WE09 Search for IDoc in Database
WE10 Search for IDoc in Archive
WE11 Delete IDocs
WE12 Test Modified Inbound File
WE14 Test Outbound Processing
WE15 Test Outbound Processing from MC
WE16 Test Inbound File
WE17 Test Status File
WE18 Generate Status File
WE19 Test tool
WE20 Partner Profiles
WE21 Port definition
WE23 Verification of IDoc processing

LO CockPit - How To

LO Cockpit provides single point to enhance, schedule, extract and transfer logistics data from SAP source system (SAP R/3 / SAP ECC) to SAP BW system.

The cockpit displays various extract structures grouped by various application areas as shown in the figure below.

LO Cockpit

The transaction code to access the LO Cockpit is LBWE.

The following are the steps to extract LO data using the Cockpit.

  1. Activate the relevant DataSource.
  2. Replicate DataSource in BW
  3. Hook up the DataSource to corresponding InfoSource in BW
  4. Maintain the Extract Structure
  5. Activate the Extract Structure
  6. Delete the contents of the setup tables by running Tcode  LBWG
  7. Run the setup job for relevant extractor
  8. Schedule delta initial load from BW system
  9. Select desired update method (V3) for the DataSource.
  10. Start executing the delta loads.

Important Tables for SAP MM

Below are few important Common Tables used in Materials Management Modules:

EINA Purchasing Info Record- General Data 
EINE Purchasing Info Record- Purchasing Organization Data 
MAKT Material Descriptions 
MARA General Material Data 
MARC Plant Data for Material 
MARD Storage Location Data for Material 
MAST Material to BOM Link 
MBEW Material Valuation 
MKPF Header- Material Document 
MSEG Document Segment- Material 
MVER Material Consumption 
MVKE Sales Data for materials 
RKPF Document Header- Reservation 
T023 Mat. groups 
T024 Purchasing Groups 
T156 Movement Type 
T157H Help Texts for Movement Types 
MOFF Lists what views have not been created 
A501 Plant/Material 
EBAN Purchase Requisition 
EBKN Purchase Requisition Account Assignment 
EKAB Release Documentation 
EKBE History per Purchasing Document 
EKET Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines 
EKKN Account Assignment in Purchasing Document 
EKKO Purchasing Document Header 
EKPO Purchasing Document Item 
IKPF Header- Physical Inventory Document 
ISEG Physical Inventory Document Items 
LFA1 Vendor Master (General section) 
LFB1 Vendor Master (Company Code) 
NRIV Number range intervals 
RESB Reservation/dependent requirements 
T161T Texts for Purchasing Document Types 

Following are the list of Important MM tables.
Inventory Management:
|                         | Table  | Description                             |
| Material                | MSEG   | Material document / transaction details |
| Document/Movements      | MKPF   | Material document header information    |
| Material Stock Balances | MARD   | Material stock                          |
|                         | MBEW   | Material stock with valuation           |
| Sales Order Stock       | MSKA   | Stock balance with associated sales     |
|                         |        | order data                              |
| Stock Transport         | EKUB   | Index for Stock Transport Orders for    |
|                         | MDUB   | Material                                |
|                         |        | Reading View of Stock Transport Ord. for|
|                         |        | Release Ord.                            |
| Special Stocks          | MKOL   | Consignment, material provided to       |
|                         |        | vendor, etc.                            |

Material Master Data:
|                         |Table    | Description                          |
| Materials               | MARA    | General Data, material type, group,  |
|                         |         | configurable & batch ind.            |
|                         | MAKT    | Short Texts, descriptions            |
|                         | MARM    | Conversion Factors                   |
|                         | MVKE    | Sales Org, distribution channel      |
|                         | MLAN    | Sales data, tax indicator, tax       |
|                         | MARC    | classification                       |
|                         | MBEW    | Plant Planning Data                  |
|                         | MLGN    | Valuation Data                       |
|                         | MLGT    | Warehouse Management Inventory Data  |
|                         | MVER    | Warehouse Management Storage Type    |
|                         | MAPR    | Data                                 |
|                         | MARD    | Consumption Data                     |
|                         | MCHA    | Pointer for Forecast Data            |
|                         | MCHB    | Storage location data with stock     |
|                         |         | balances                             |
|                         |         | Batches                              |
|                         |         | Batch Stocks                         |

Important Tables for SAP SD

Sales and Distribution:

                  Table  Description

Customers         KNA1   General Data
                  KNB1   Customer Master – Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct)
                  KNB4   Customer Payment History
                  KNB5   Customer Master – Dunning info
                  KNBK   Customer Master Bank Data
                  KNKA   Customer Master Credit Mgmt.
                  KNKK   Customer Master Credit Control Area Data (credit limits)
                  KNVV   Sales Area Data (terms, order probability)
                  KNVI   Customer Master Tax Indicator
                  KNVP   Partner Function key
                  KNVD   Output type
                  KNVS   Customer Master Ship Data
                  KLPA   Customer/Vendor Link
Sales Documents   VBAKUK VBAK + VBUK
                  VBUK   Header Status and Administrative Data
                  VBAK   Sales Document - Header Data
                  VBKD   Sales Document - Business Data
                  VBUP   Item Status
                  VBAP   Sales Document - Item Data
                  VBPA   Partners
                  VBFA   Document Flow
                  VBEP   Sales Document Schedule Line
                  VBBE   Sales Requirements: Individual Records

SD Delivery DocumeLIPS   Delivery Document item data, includes referencing PO
                  LIKP   Delivery Document Header data

Billing Document  VBRK   Billing Document Header
                  VBRP   Billing Document Item

SD Shipping Unit  VEKP   Shipping Unit Item (Content)
                  VEPO   Shipping Unit Header

Important Tables in SAP AA

I-AA-AA (AA)    Asset Accounting: Basic Functions – Master Data
ANKA             Asset Classes: General Data             ANLKL
ANKP             Asset Classes: Fld Cont Dpndnt on Chart ANLKL / AFAPL
                 of Depreciation
ANKT             Asset Classes: Description              SPRAS / ANLKL
ANKV             Asset Classes: Insurance Types          ANLKL / VRSLFD
ANLA             Asset Master Record Segment             BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
ANLB             Depreciation Terms                      BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / AFABE
                                                         / BDATU
ANLT             Asset Texts                             SPRAS / BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2

ANLU             Asset Master Record User Fields         .INCLUDE /  BUKRS / ANLN1 /  ANLN2
ANLW             Insurable Values (Year Dependent)       BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / VRSLFD /
ANLX             Asset Master Record Segment             BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2
ANLZ             Time Dependent Asset Allocations        BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / BDATU

FI-AA-AA (AA2)   Asset Accounting: Basic Functions – Master Data 2.0
ANAR             Asset Types                             ANLAR
ANAT             Asset Type Text                         SPRAS / ANLAR
FI-AA-AA (AB)    Asset Accounting: Basic Functions –
                 Asset Accounting
ANEK             Document Header Asset Posting           BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
ANEP             Asset Line Items                        BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
                                                         LNRAN / AFABE
ANEV             Asset Downpymt Settlement               BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
ANKB             Asset Class: Depreciation Area          ANLKL / AFAPL / AFABE / BDATU
ANLC             Asset value Fields                      BUKRS / ANLN1 / ANLN2 / GJAHR /
ANLH             Main Asset Number                       BUKRS / ANLN1
ANLP             Asset Periodic Values                   BUKRS / GJAHR / PERAF / AFBNR /
                                                         ANLN1 / ANLN2 / AFABER

FI-SL-VSR (GVAL) Special Purpose Ledger: Validation, Substitution and Rules
GB03             Validation / Substitution User          VALUSER
GB92             Substitutions                           SUBSTID
GB93             Validation                              VALID